Moving into a new home is exciting, exhausting, and usually pretty expensive. How can you make your new house feel more like home without spending a bundle? Try these easy tips to help you settle in with minimal effort and expenditure.

Baked Goods

Nothing says “home” like freshly baked cookies! Even if you’re still unpacking things, pull your kitchen together enough to bake a batch of your favorites. You can leave them on the counter for sustenance while working through boxes.

Light Candles

Adding a candle glow and favorite scent can make a house instantly more comfortable. One idea is to select a seasonal scent. Not only will it add atmosphere, you can usually find them on promotions. You can pinch pennies and find attractive additions easily by choosing something in season, and you don’t need to hunt for coupons in the midst of unpacking. Shop for cashback opportunities at stores like Amazon, Target and Walmart.  With every dollar spent you earn money back, which is sent to you as a check or Paypal payment.  You can use those funds toward your next home decor or maintenance project!

Layer Texture

Every home feels more at ease with added layers of texture. Whether you opt for clean lines and chrome or the soft wood of a cabin, a blanket, basket, and some burlap are easy and inexpensive additions that pack a wallop.

Make It Personal

What are a few favorite things from your previous home? Pull them out and put them on display! Family photos, mementos from a trip to the shore, and your kids’ artwork will help you feel right at home. As some experts note, surrounding yourself with those items creates an atmosphere celebrating the uniqueness of your life.

Old and New

Hopefully, you didn’t discard all the furniture from your old home. Even if you invested in a brand new suite for your living room, blend in a familiar piece or two. If you did unload your old things, aim for a blend of styles instead of everything looking uniform. It’ll create a more comfortable feel right off the bat.

Durable Pieces

Speaking of comfortable, if you love antiques, opt to include a few new pieces in your selections. You can still go for a traditional look, but as Southern Living points out, using entirely antiques can keep you feeling on edge. If everyone is afraid of leaving a watermark with their glasses or nicking a chair leg, nobody can relax.

Natural Elements

Do you have any houseplants? A little greenery goes a long way to bringing the outdoors in and helping you feel at ease. Ideal Home suggests using a few jam jars as containers for an eclectic, charming look.

Mix and Match

Many people are using very simple color schemes these days. However, an entirely monochromatic home will feel drab and somewhat impersonal. Adding a splash of color here and there can bring life into your rooms. A few throw pillows, a vase, and a nubby blanket are inexpensive ways to enliven the space.

Minor Adjustments

A little elbow grease in the house can make all the difference in making it your home. There is nothing like receiving your utility bill and knowing you did a few things to save energy. One suggestion for quickly and easily reducing energy use is to put a wrap over your water heater.  You can invest in one made for water heaters or make one yourself from a blanket. Be sure not to cover the bottom, top, thermostat, or burner compartment of the unit.

Congratulations on your new home! Doing a few simple, inexpensive things will really make the new place feel like it’s yours. With all your work, you will be settled in before you know it.